Martin Michálek

Martin Michálek

Hello! I am a page speed consultant based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Why bother with site speed? Fast sites perform better. That's why, after more than 20 years of experience as a frontend designer, I focused mainly on performance.

Page Speed Audit

Together with our colleagues from the project, we will analyze the state of your website, measure the competition, set up long-term measurements and regular reporting from the tools.

You will receive strategic recommendations and the developers will also describe specific opportunities with instructions on how to fix them. Recently, companies such as or have ordered an audit.

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Individual consultations

You can also hire me as a long-term web speed consultant. One such one-off collaboration increased's conversion rate on mobile devices by 26%.

I work for brands like, / (a cutting-edge groceries delivery service) and many other Czech e-shops.

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More about me

With my wife and two sons we live near Milíčovský forest on the suburbs of Prague.